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Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 - Winter is here!

Freezing Rain
Yesterday we got the first snow storm of the season! It didn’t snow a whole ton and it wasn’t too cold, but it was very icy. We had church in the morning and got there safe and sound. In the morning it was just snowing, but later on in the day it turned into freezing rain. It was raining, but right when it hit the ground it would freeze, so it was very icy and not good conditions to be outside in. The Assistant to the President sent out a text saying to stay inside unless you really had to be somewhere and in that case just to get a ride with a member. We had a member pick us up for dinner and then we stayed inside for the rest of the night. Time goes really slowly when you’re stuck inside all day (haha). It is still icy and raining today, but not as bad. We will see what will happen tonight.

Winter in Virginia
The usual office we email at wasn't open today for some reason, so we are emailing at the library and my computer has been really terrible so far.

Thanks to anyone who has sent me a letter/card in the last couple weeks! Thanks mom for the package this week! I really love getting stuff in the mail. It’s nice to get stuff during the week and not just on Mondays. :)

We had zone conference this past week with President and Sister Riggs. It was a lot smaller than the last zone conference probably because they have more zones to visit because of the zones being split recently. It was shorter and the AP's weren't there. We learned about repentance and how we receive forgiveness because of the merits, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. We can receive these things through repentance. Repentance isn't just for huge sins we commit, but it can simply mean change (bible dictionary) - changing our actions, thoughts, and desires is important. Through repenting daily of our mistakes we become more Christ-like and will eventually be able to return to God’s presence!

We were able to give a less active woman a priesthood blessing this past week and that was the first time I’ve done it. It was kind of shaky, but it went well and I’m glad I had the opportunity! From all the studying this week my testimony has been really growing! The Book of Mormon and the Bible are meshing much better and I can see that they preach the same gospel! The restoration and the plan of salvation are making so much more sense and the spirit has testified to me that this gospel is true! As my testimony increases it gives me a greater desire to share what I know with everyone around me! 

Elder Miles and Companion on the go
A great quote that we learned about this week says "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign tasks, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea" - Antonine de Saint-Exupery. We need to help people to desire eternal life (the sea) instead of just making them do things to get there (baptism). If they have a desire for eternal life then they will do what it takes to get there, baptism being part of that. Mosiah 2:41 shows exactly what we need the investigators to desire - "never ending happiness"!

Hopefully, that all made sense (haha). I’m running out of time. Thanks for everything you do! Love you!

-Elder Miles

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