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Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 - Seasons Greetings :D

Merry Christmas from Elder Miles
It was awesome to be able to Skype everyone on Christmas!! That was definitely the highlight of my Christmas... even though I got some pretty sweet new ties! On Christmas Eve we had dinner with a member family and watched "Joy to the World". On Christmas we ate breakfast with a member family, opened some presents from them, read the Christmas story, and Skyped. Then we went to Denny’s for lunch with the Zone Leaders. A random lady that wasn't even a member paid for us! We all really appreciated it! When she saw the bill she probably had some second thoughts (haha). Then we had dinner at another families house and played Jenga - that was probably one of the more intense games of Jenga I’ve ever played.

Christmas was over all really fun, but it went by way to quickly! Everyone was under the impression that we got to watch movies on New Year’s Eve, because they did last year, but they told us we don't get to. I was super excited to see Despicable Me 2, but it will have to wait until Halloween next year!

Mount Vernon Ward Church on the Potomac River
We had a trainers/trainee meeting the day after Christmas. During our lunch time President Riggs decided he wanted to play a game of Lightning (Speed, Knockout, Tornado, or whatever you call it). We had a line of probably 30+ missionaries playing and I came away victorious :). There was also a football people were throwing around and President Riggs knows I played QB (so did he), so he challenged me to a little game. He called it "Burnout", but I had never played before. The game is you line up across from each other and throw the ball as hard as you can at the other person. Whoever drops more loses and you are supposed to move closer and closer. I haven't really thrown a football in a long time, so that was pretty tiring for my arm (haha). I’m pretty sure I won cause he dropped more than I did, but he could sling it pretty hard!

My birthday is coming up this week - be creative and I will appreciate anything!

I mentioned while we were Skyping that we ran into some drunk guys on Christmas Eve. They wanted Elder Van Dykes jacket (haha). I hope I didn't scare anyone (mom or grandma) because everything was fine and it was pretty funny. Speaking of which there were some drunk guys outside our apartment the other day (haha). Thank goodness for the word of wisdom, so we don't make fools of ourselves!

Some apartments where Elder Miles has been tracting
We took a recent convert/less active member to the Christmas lights this week. He is a cool black guy. We watched a violin performance and after one of the songs while everyone else was clapping he stood up and put his hands in the air (haha)!

I love you all. I’m getting kicked off the computer (public library).

-Elder Miles

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