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Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great Thanksgiving out here in Sterling! We ate dinner with the new ward mission leader and his family. They are really awesome. We have done lots of work with him in the past and he is super excited to do missionary work. It gets me excited when people in the ward are excited to do missionary work! We weren’t supposed to go out and do any work besides with members on Thanksgiving, so we played some games and did some puzzles with the members. It was nice to have a little break. We got some left over Thanksgiving food to which it always great!

We have a zone conference tomorrow and along with that comes car inspections. So we cleaned the car out, filled the tires, and took it to a car wash. Only problem is that halfway through the car wash it stopped. We sat in there for like 10 minutes until someone came to the rescue. (haha) We got to redo it for free and it worked the second time. We have also been trying to contact a new investigator that we tracted into a couple weeks ago and he never answered the door. We went back several times and we could see him looking out the peep hole and he just wouldn’t answer it. So we were going to try one last time last night and some lady opened the door really quickly and said she wasn’t interested really quick and shut the door. Me and Elder Seely just stood there for a minute and were in a bit of shock. We checked the address and turns out we were knocking on the wrong door for the last couple weeks. (haha) We tried his actual door and he answered! Turns out he has been gone on a business trip for the last couple weeks anyway. We've probably been freaking that lady out by knocking on her door so much. (haha)

I don’t remember if I mentioned this in a past email... We had a General Authority come and speak to us a couple weeks ago. It was Elder Teh from the First Quorum of the Seventy. If you look in the conference Ensign his picture is in there. He was really interesting to listen to. We spent the morning listening to him talk. He talked about how we as missionaries can’t get caught in the "current" meaning that we can’t get caught in the habit of just getting by each day. We need to give it all we can each day and be the best missionary we can be. I’ve always liked the saying "good is the enemy to great." We can’t just settle for being good as missionaries or as members of the church. We need to rise up and be the best we can be. Leave a legacy!

We got to tour a catholic church with our ward mission leader yesterday. He wanted to take us to see it because he said it was really cool and it would help us to learn about Catholicism. We showed up and it was closed, but the father let us in, showed us around, and explained some of it to us. It was pretty interesting to see and learn about another religion. There are lots of Catholic people around here and it helps to know where they are coming from and what their beliefs are. The Catholic Church is called Our Lady of Hope and it is right off the main road in our area. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the huge cross hanging from the ceiling with Jesus on it. I just felt strange looking at it. Catholicism is similar in lots of ways, but also very different in others. It’s interesting to learn about other’s beliefs and it helps to affirm my own beliefs.

I was going to write my Christmas wish list but I’ll have to think about it and post it next week! Anything is appreciated though! :)

Love you!

-Elder Miles
Elder Miles and Elder Mathews - Jedi Masters

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