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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hello again! This is Elder Miles reporting from Sterling, Virginia!

Transfer meetings were this last Thursday. My companion, Elder Aland, is now home in San Diego. I was with Elder Aland until transfer meeting. President Riggs in his last email to me said "The Lord knows you are already a leader."

The Outgoing Companions
Both of my trainers are already home which doesn’t happen very
often. I got to keep lots of their stuff which saved me (mostly my family) some money. We had some trainers meetings with president Riggs and the AP's before getting my new companion. My new companion is Elder Seely from Mount Pleasant, Utah. He graduated same year as me, but he just barely turned 19. He is my most quiet companion, but he is great! I made sure to take him tracting before we did anything else! President told us to do that and let them go first, so I did (haha). I remember that moment so I can feel for him because it’s pretty awkward and scary, but the only way to get over it is to do it a lot. He has made some good improvements in the last few days. He played golf, baseball, and basketball at North Sanpete. Elder Johnson’s companion is from Mesa and we were talking a little about Mesa CC. It’s strange being the one with the most experience cause I feel like I just got here! We have a total of 6 months experience between the 4 of us in our apartment (haha).
Elder Seely and Elder Miles

At transfer meetings I got to talk to Josh Smith (from the football team last year). Also Jake Larsen’s dad (football team mate last year) came up to me after priesthood session. Apparently they just moved into a nearby ward. It is always great to talk to a familiar face. It’s crazy how many people I have seen out here that I know or who knows somebody I know.

We have been able to catch a lot more people home in the last few days because everyone is off work, thanks to the government shut down. We also didn’t get to go to the zoo today because of that, plus it is raining really hard right now, so it wouldn’t have turned out anyways.

General Conference was great! Sad to say that is the first time I’ve watched all the sessions (haha). I really liked Elder Ballard’s Saturday afternoon talk on missionary work. President Monson’s, Elder Bednar’s, and Elder Holland’s were all good as usual too. It was really hard to focus the whole time because I kept getting drowsy. It doesn’t help that we get little amounts of sleep, it was dark, quiet, and comfortable (haha). It’s incredible how much I’ve learned from the scriptures already. I gain a greater understanding and knowledge every day. During General Conference when they would quote scriptures I knew where they were reading from and I could quote it with them!I’m weighing about 210 now a days (all pure muscle).
Golf? Anyone?

Not much else to report, but thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you all!

-Elder Miles

p.s. it is a down pour outside right now

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