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Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013 - Halloween Party!

We had our ward Halloween party this last Friday and it went really well! We had three investigators show up and one less active! It was a chili cook off and then a Trunk or Treat. I only had one bite of chili and then everyone started showing up and I got busy talking. It was really great to introduce the members to some of the people we are teaching and to get our investigators more comfortable with the church. We also had the primary program yesterday and one of our investigators (who also came to the party) came and brought her daughter. She had been to one in the past and said that this year wasn't as good as before (haha). Her daughter is 18 years old and pretty severely autistic. She is really great. She always brings us sodas when we come over (haha). She came to the party and when we were all cleaning up she started shooting a basketball and she couldn't miss! It was pretty crazy (haha).

I’m not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but at the beginning of this transfer they split several of the zones including ours and now there are 10 zones. This last week at district meetings it was announced that we will be getting Ipads in mid December!!! That was pretty exciting. We will be able to get on Facebook and stuff too. We don’t know too many details but the Zone Leaders are being trained on how to proselyte online. We were all super stoked, then they announced something else... After the new year, all missionaries will be required to wear man purses (shoulder bags). The 12 say that backpacks make us look like salesmen. I’m not too excited for that one to say the least (haha). We had interviews with president Riggs this week. He talked mostly about how the work has been hastened and we have been saved for this time. It was pretty cool. He is coming up to our zone to play basketball today, but none of my roommates want to go. We are going to the Arlington Cemetery today instead.

We seem to have very good timing cause we always run into people as they are pulling into their driveways, which makes it kind of awkward (haha). We haven’t had too much luck this week besides the Halloween party. We didn't teach too many lessons or find new investigators, but we've stayed positive. All we can do is keep working hard and being obedient. There is no use in being negative cause that just makes things worse! I can’t think of any really good stories from this week to tell, but there are always interesting conversations. Some people won’t open the door so we just talk through the door and Elder Seely got a rejection when he tried to shake a guy’s hand (haha). People weren't too interested in talking during the Redskins game last night either.

We haven’t been having too much success in terms of numbers lately, but the work is definitely going well. It talks about success in Preach My Gospel as being your commitment, obedience, and progress. We are doing all of those things and I know we are being successful missionaries. I’m learning and growing a ton and having fun. I know if we just keep working hard and doing all we can to improve that we will be blessed with people who are ready to accept the gospel! I've been reading in Ether and chapter 12 verse 6 is very good. It says miracles don’t happen until after the trial of our faith. Our faith is being tried, but I know we will see miracles. They won’t come when we want them to cause everything happens in the Lord's time!

Chase has told me his playing time has gone up slowly. Sorry if I can’t write much today. My computer is being super slow. I have heard BYU is looking better and I can’t believe Hoffman is passing everyone. We are still teaching the Indian guy but he is super busy with work. The Syrian family moved to New Jersey and we are trying to get their address to refer them. We teach between 3 and 10 lessons a week. We tract for about an hour a day. I will probably be in Sterling until Dec. 19 which is the end of next transfer. We have like 10 regular investigators.

Love you
-Elder Miles

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