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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30. 2013

First I want to say happy (late) birthday to my little brother Corey! He is now 12 and was ordained a deacon Sunday! I’m so proud of you Corey! Also, sorry that I forgot to say happy birthday in my last email (haha).

We had a pretty awesome day at church yesterday! We were planning on one maybe two investigators at church and two less actives. Only one of each showed up, but another unexpected less active came as well. The investigator that came, Roshan, is from India and I told you a little about him last week. We've taught him several times now, but he hadn't been to church yet. We went by his house Saturday night to get him to church and he wasn't home and didn't answer his phone, so we weren't sure what would happen. Then in the morning at 8:30 just before leaving for church I gave him a call and he was already driving around trying to find the church! We ended up beating him there and I had to give him play by play directions to the church because when I called him at 9 and he was sitting outside a Baptist church. He said that was the only one he could find (haha). He finally got there at 9:15 and had to take a smoke break before he came in and then he took another one after sacrament meeting (haha). He stayed for all three hours. He wasn't shy to ask questions in Gospel Principles or Elders Quorum either and he even cracked a few jokes (haha). He kept asking really good questions throughout and I think he really enjoyed himself. We talked about prayer in Gospel Principles and the plan of salvation in Elders Quorum. Some of the men in the Elders Quorum got a little excited he was there and went a little too deep into some of the doctrine (example: mentioning "first estate", outer darkness, and the 1/3 that were cast out) but besides that it was great! He will be coming again next week. Now we need to get him to quit smoking so he can be ready for baptism by November 2!

We helped another lady move some stuff into her house, for her son that is moving in with her because of a divorce. It was fine and dandy until her ex started yelling and swearing because he thought some of the furniture should be his. That made it pretty awkward for us because we were standing right between them... (haha). It all ended okay and I didn't have to knock anyone out. She is a great lady and she would be perfect for the gospel but we just need her to see that! We have been doing service for her, but haven’t had a chance to teach her much yet. We have also taught her 23 year old son and hopefully they can join together! 

Some other investigators that we've been teaching want to take us to the DC zoo next Monday for our pday, which would be sweet. I’ll have to see if we can get permission to do that first. We've taught them several times, but lately they've been super busy and out of town. That would be a great opportunity to get to know them better and teach them some more. We have quite a few other investigators, but I can tell you about them when they start progressing and coming to church. I've learned that some people seem so golden and amazing when we first teach them, but then we never see them again. So I’ll wait till we make sure they are staying before I tell you all about them. I say this cause my dad apparently couldn't handle the spirituality of my scripture thoughts and he wanted to hear more about the investigators.

We had a half mission conference this week and it was great. I always love hearing President Riggs and the AP's speak. We have a mission goal to baptize 166 before the end of the year, so in order to get there each ward needs 3 baptisms. We will have to pick it up if we want to do our part here in the Algonkian ward! The motto they used as a joke was "hit the streets and talk to haters, fill the fonts and baptize 'gators (investigators)" (haha). He called off a bunch of names of people he wanted to talk to afterwards and I was one of them. Turns out he wanted to tell us that we would be training next transfer, so it’s official I will be a senior companion on Thursday. He told me and Elder Johnson (who is also training) that the Lord has put lots of trust in us. I’m excited to help a new missionary!  We have a couple meetings this week about becoming trainers, my comp has departing interviews and stuff, and our companions will be packing, so this will be a busy week.

Last Monday we rode our bike 15 miles to Leesburg, Virginia to pick up our minivan, but it was pretty fun. There is an old train track that they paved that runs from DC all the way to West Virginia and we rode that all the way there. I can’t think of anything else right now.

I love you all!!!

-Elder Miles

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