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Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

We had a couple of really good lessons this week. On Monday we had a lesson with Jeff. This time his wife was home and one of his good friends was over. They both sat in on the lesson with us. Jeff has changed a lot since the first time we met him. He was really excited to tell us about how he fasted from alcohol for 24 hours. He told us ever since then he has had less desire to drink and has been praying more. We taught them about the Restoration and they were all really intrigued. Jeff's friend was more excited than anyone and he was nearly begging us to send his info to the missionaries in his area. We were supposed to have another lesson with them later in the week, but they had to cancel. That was one of 4-5 lessons that were cancelled this week...

Thursday evening we had a lesson with Jeremy and Brittany (the family that came to church last Sunday). We took our Bishop over with us to the appointment. Jeremy very quickly made it known that he doesn't like organized religion and that he is just supporting his wife. Brittany on the other hand is very interested. She talked about how she was feeling that she needed to find a church and then we knocked on her door. She felt it was a "sign" which is why they came to church. The moment she realized they need a church was when she asked her sons why we celebrate Easter and they told her it is so they can get candy. We briefly taught her about the Restoration and then she asked us a bunch of questions. Most of her questions had to do with polygamy, the sacrament, tithing, church services, etc. I could tell she was very sincere about her questions. She is seriously considering being baptized and joining the church! They were planning on coming to church for all three hours, but never showed up. We need to get in contact with them to see what happened.

Rachael was in town this week from Massachusetts, so she and Nefy took us out for lunch on Friday. It was good to see them again. Rachael is doing really good and is planning a trip to do baptisms at the temple. They will probably get married at some point, but they don't know when.

Here are a few other random things to mention. We had dinner every night this week which was the first time that has happened on my mission! We threw a football on Monday at a park and it felt great. Our district leader came on exchange with us this week. He is in a trio, so he came with both of us for the night. I am glad I have never been in a trio because it was strange. We had to give a brief (2-3 minute) report to the stake presidency and all the bishoprics of the stake at a stake mission correlation meeting. District meetings were nice this week because we didn't have to prepare anything. Now all of the districts meet at different buildings and there is no "zone portion" to start the meetings.

A young woman in the ward had a random guy from school message her on twitter and start asking about the church. He ended up telling her he wants to meet with missionaries. She gave us his phone number, we called him, and set up an appointment for this week at the member’s house. We are excited for that lesson. Sadly he might live outside of our ward boundaries...

In honor of Elder Miles
We had a specialized training meeting this week with President Riggs. It was our zone and one other zone combined for the meeting. The focus was on the Book of Mormon and using it to "flood our mission". I have always loved reading the Book or Mormon, but on my mission I have come to appreciate it so much more. Sometimes we take it for granted. It took so many miracles for it to be in our hands today. I know it’s true and I want to share it with everybody! It is disappointing when people won't take a step of faith and read it. I absolutely know that anybody who sincerely reads it will receive an answer of its truth through the Holy Ghost. I am grateful that I have it in my life.

Manassas decided to name a road in honor of me :) (See the attached picture for evidence.)

Until next week,
Elder Braden Miles
Washington DC South Mission

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