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Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Every week seems to blend together. When I sit down to email I have to ask myself and Elder McInerny "What happened this week?" I also check my planner so I can recall what we did. Don't get me wrong, each week is awesome and we have great experiences, but it is always a blur.

The first highlight of the week that I can think of was yesterday. We had an entire family come to church with us! This was a family that we tracted into several weeks ago and they were decently interested. We haven't really taught them yet, but on Saturday we decided to drop by and invite them to church. The father (Jeremy) answered the door and when we invited him to bring his family to church without hesitation he responded "sure, I don't see why not." That took us back a little bit because it was not the response we are used to... (haha) Then they actually kept their word and came to church! It was amazing!

It wasn't the best sacrament meeting in the world, but they really enjoyed it. After it ended I went and asked several members to go introduce themselves to our investigators while Elder McInerny kept them busy. The mother (Britney) especially loved the meeting. Afterwards when we talked with them she told us how much she enjoyed being at church. She said "it was so much different than any other church we have been to. The people were so nice and they just kept coming and introducing themselves to us." They had a great experience and want to come back. When we first met them they didn't really want to sit down and have lessons with us, but I guess church changed their minds. We set up a lesson for this Thursday. We are stoked because they are "church shopping" because they feel they need it for their three boys (one turns 8 in two weeks!).

Some other big news is that we are working with a couple of part member families. One technically isn't a part member because it is a less active member and his (as of this week) fiancĂ©. We have had a couple of lessons with them. They are really nice, but we haven't made too much progress with them yet. Last lesson we focused on the Book of Mormon, so that they will (hopefully) read it on their own. We read the introduction and testified about the Book of Mormon. That was probably the best spiritual experience of the week.  I have gained such a testimony of the power of the Book or Mormon. The most spiritual experiences of my mission have come while reading with investigators. I know if people will just read it with an open heart and mind they will feel the spirit!

The other part member family is awesome. They are a younger couple with three kids. We haven't started teaching them, but we have talked to them several times and they feel the need to bring religion into their family. The non member dad told us he doesn't have much of a religious background, but really wants to learn more. Without us even asking the less active mother asked us what time church starts. I have a really good feeling about them. Part member families are always the most ideal situations!

We have lessons set up with Jeff and Matilda for tonight. There hasn't been much progress with them this week. We really need to get Matilda to church. We feel if we can get her to church it will "seal the deal".

THE Silver Bullet
As usual we spent a decent amount of time trying to find new investigators. Yesterday afternoon we knocked for an hour and only two people even answered the door. The good news is I found a "Silver Bullet". (insert picture here!) That took me back... (haha) Our plan of attack for this week is trying to visit a lot of less active and part member families. We also have some potentials to revisit, but for the most part those are the main people we are working with right now.

Elder McInerny and I are working really hard and having fun while we are at it. Missionary work is always extra fun when you have good companions. I love so many things about my mission! I love feeling the spirit every day, learning more about the gospel, and seeing the change it can bring into the lives of other people! Speaking of which, we had dinner with Alejandra (recent convert) and her fiancé that was in the Braddock YSA ward. It was great to talk with them again. She is visiting from Guatemala for awhile. They are going to get married sometime this fall.

It has been in the mid 60's this week, which has felt amazing! Life is great!

Yours truly,
Elder Braden Miles
Washington DC South Mission

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