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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8, 2014

We just had a fun little experience! After studies this morning we went to the office and started emailing. After about 20 minutes, one of the senior couples that work with apartments had an emergency that we had to go take care of. One of the apartments that was empty needed everything moved out by 1pm because the lease had expired. Us and the Office Elders flew up there and emptied the whole thing. It was pretty disgusting. I'm not sure how some missionaries can live in a place like that... So we spent most of our Preparation day cleaning out the apartment. Perks of being in the office I guess... (haha). Afterwards, we went to a Mongolian bbq place that I used to go to when I served in Sterling. It was super good! That was definitely my favorite part.

We had four days this week (Tues-Fri) with meetings from 9am-4pm. We have to be early to set up for every meeting and stay late to clean up, so you could say we were pretty busy this week. The first three
days were training conferences. Each day 2-3 of the zones would come and we trained them on a wide variety of topics. Elder Raban and I trained the missionaries about the importance of key indicators and setting goals. We feel like it went very well. I feel much more confident in presenting than I did when I first got here. President Riggs did some training on charity and our purpose as missionaries. Sister Riggs trained about following up.

Mission Leadership Council
Friday was Mission Leadership Council. President Riggs did some training, the Zone Leaders talked about their Zones, and then we had an open council about different subjects. Time goes a lot faster when we are super busy. This week went by so quick! I'm writing emails, I blink, then its Monday again. It's kind of scary how I've already been in this area for almost five months.

We are still teaching Robert and he is still really solid. He came to church again and then we had dinner and a lesson at a member’s house. We also started teaching a recent convert’s girlfriend named Alexandra. She is from Guatemala and she has come to Church several times. We taught her the restoration on Wednesday and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. At church she was really excited to tell us that she read the chapter we gave her and she really liked it! We have another lesson this week.

Some free time apparently...
I had a neat spiritual experience a couple days ago. We have been showing the Christmas video called "He is the Gift" that the church recently put out. As we watched it with one of the members the spirit was really strong and it testified to me of the divinity of Jesus Christ. I felt a big change of heart about Christmas. Every year of my life I looked forward to Christmas because of the fun and gifts that came along with the season. On Christmas morning I would always run upstairs first thing to see my presents. This year I am looking forward to waking up, getting on my knees, and thanking Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son. I love this time of the year and I now have a much better perspective. I'm thankful for the testimony that I have gained and for the spirit that I feel each day.

Elder Braden Miles

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