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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 29, 2014 - Alejandra's Baptism!

 It was a very busy week for us. With Christmas and Alejandra's baptism we had plenty to keep us busy! It was fun to Skype you on Christmas! After the Skype call, we went to a member’s house for lunch/dinner. They made a ton of really good food. We had already eaten a big breakfast at our Bishop’s house, so we weren't super hungry. I still ate a decent amount - like usual. Elder Raban had one plate and was finished. The member said "There is no way you are done Elder Raban, so I grabbed his plate and loaded him up again (haha). Then they made us eat a lot of dessert too. We were both stuffed after that and it held us over for the rest of the day.

Elder Miles at Alejandra's Baptism
In the evening we went to a Methodist church across the street from where we live to do some service. They had turned the church into a homeless shelter for a couple of days, so we helped serve food and spent time talking with people. I talked with an African guy for a long time, Elder Raban talked to some other people.

We had to teach Alejandra a lot of commandments this week before her baptism. It was a rushed teaching process, but she picked everything up very quickly. She changed a lot during the teaching process and became a lot more open and happy. You may notice in the pictures that Elder Raban baptized her. Her boyfriend didn't feel comfortable doing it. I confirmed her yesterday at church. They came about 15 minutes late for sacrament meeting so we did it at the end.

Elder Raban, her boyfriend, Alejandra, and Elder Miles
I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost for her baptism and I think I did pretty well. Alejandra bore her testimony after the baptism and it was great. She said that she feels strongly that the reason she came to visit was to get baptized. She is excited to connect with the church in Guatemala when she goes home (Jan 2). President Riggs sent an email to the mission president that covers her area, so the missionaries will stop by when she gets there. She doesn't have Facebook, so we will stay in touch with her through email.

With a ward member on splits
Jeff, the investigator I mentioned last week, is actually 31 years old. That means he is barely too old to be in the singles ward. It turns out that he lives in the office elders ward boundary, so they will get to teach and baptize him. He came to church with us yesterday and we will have a pass of lesson this week. Elder Raban and I taught him enough that we still get to attend the baptism. The office elders haven't baptized anyone for years, so I am glad we could contribute in some way.

Elders Miles and Raban
Robert is still set to get baptized on January 10. I will mostly likely be gone by then, but I can come back for it. He asked me last night to baptize him, so that will be a great experience. This has been the busiest time of my mission as far as teaching people who really want to learn about the gospel and I have loved it! I feel very blessed! I have loved seeing these people change as they learn and accept the gospel. I hope and pray that I can continue to learn and change each day. Happy new years! I love you all!

Elder Braden Miles
Washington DC South Mission

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