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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 29, 2014

I don't have anything really exciting to report from this week. 

Jimmy had surgery, so he couldn't come to church and we didn't meet with him. This week he should be feeling better. 

I went on three exchanges this week with zone leaders. One of our responsibilities is to go on exchange with the zone leaders from all ten zones every transfer. We only have a five week transfer, so we have to do them all in 4 weeks this time. On Tuesday and Wednesday we had back to back exchanges. On Tuesday I was with Elder Josh Smith(from Lone Peak) and Wednesday I was with Elder Johnson(from my MTC group), so that was awesome.

This week is when all of the craziness starts for transfers. A lot of sleep will be lost in the next two weeks! Yay... We have several meetings and we sit down with President Riggs to discuss the upcoming
transfer. We will give him our thoughts and suggestions on who should go where. I will probably be getting a new companion, so I can give him a lot of great suggestions on who it should be! (haha) It will be a great experience to lead out an area again. Hopefully I can remember everything we need to take care of over the course of the transfer!

Today, one of the Spanish zones is having a BBQ and they convinced us to pick up a members grill for them since we have a truck. We are going to grab some lunch there and then play some volleyball and basketball at the stake center. People always ask Elder Ni to play the piano when they do musical numbers in meetings. Sometimes on Monday he practices while I shoot hoops (we drag a piano into the gym).

I'm not really sure what else to write about this week... Yesterday we took the sacrament to a senior couple at their apartment. The Sister had surgery and wasn't able to go to church. It was a very neat experience and it was great to see the respect that they have for the sacrament. They had it all set up very nice when we got there. We get to see the senior couples a lot and it is great to learn from their experiences and examples.

With best regards,
Elder Braden Miles

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