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Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 - Hello family!

We were very busy with meetings this week. We had online proselyting training for all the leadership of the mission. A couple missionaries that have been very successful trained everyone on techniques they have learned to be effective. On Friday we had another leadership meeting, but this one was a council. Every month we meet as the leadership and train and discuss the needs of the mission. I really enjoy this meeting. It gets pretty funny at points but it is also very spiritual. We also sat down with President and Sister Riggs for a couple hours on Tuesday after district meetings to discuss what is going to be happening in the next transfer. At the leadership council, we came up with goals and a vision for the last quarter of the year. We are going to finish off the year strong!

We had a sweet pass off lesson this week with some other Elders who found an investigator that is YSA age. When we got there they were already talking. The guy started asking a question by saying "so in your church, do you believe..." Then he corrected himself and said “I mean in our church, do we believe..." As you can guess he is pretty solid. He hasn't agreed to be baptized because he is still searching for an answer, but he is definitely sincere about it. Our best sources for finding new investigators has been pass offs, former investigators, and less actives who are dating a non-member.

We are now entering another transfer week. Wednesday we will pick up the new missionaries, Thursday is transfers, and Friday we ship off the departing missionaries. I am excited for the upcoming transfer and I hope our mission can have a great last quarter of the year.

The temperature is already dropping and the leaves are beginning to fall. I think it's going to be an early and cold winter... We have zone conference this transfer again. I feel like we just finished those not too long ago.

I am having such a great time! Even though we have a crazy schedule and don't get much sleep, I am really enjoying each day. I love learning more about the gospel through close association with President Riggs. I love serving a mission and I love the Lord!

Elder Braden Miles

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