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Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014 - Transfer Week

It was another super busy week. It started on Tuesday with district meetings and a meeting for all of the trainers at the mission home. Wednesday we picked up all the new missionaries and were with them all evening at the mission home. Thursday we had a meeting for the new missionaries to meet their trainers and then transfer meeting. After transfer meeting we went with all the departing missionaries to the mission home for the evening. Then we woke up at 4am on Friday to take them to the airport and had a mission leadership council the rest of the morning and afternoon. All in all it was a week of meetings and little sleep, but I am feeling better rested now.

This next transfer is only 5 weeks so it will go really quickly. It is an interview transfer instead of zone conference, so we will have a lot more time to proselyte. It won’t be nearly as busy as last transfer, so I will have time to exercise and teach more. School is back in, so we can do a lot more finding at GMU (George Mason University).
Last night we tracted some town homes just off GMU campus because we were told a ton of students live there. We talked to a ton of YSA age kids and found some people that are interested. Along with tracting there, we are going to go on campus during the day and street contact people. I am really excited to have a successful transfer! Elder Ni will most likely be moving to a new area next transfer which means I will be leading out as an assistant... crazy.
Elder Miles and a blue gill he caught
On Monday last week we went fishing at Lake Braddock which is only about 5 minutes from where we live. We all bought $13 Wal-Mart fishing poles and a one day fishing license. We all caught around 5 fish. They were all blue gill except one was a little bass. It was all catch and release. I even caught a little turtle on accident, but he was fine. The lake had some huge snapping turtles that would come and eat the fish while they were still on our lines!

One thing that was really apparent to me, this week especially, was the change that happens to people when they serve missions. When we pick up the new missionaries, we get to see high school age teenagers. They still act and talk like they are in high school. Many of them are timid and nervous, but excited. A little side note, several of them said that they recognize me. That is still weird to me... Then two days later we take the departing missionaries to the airport. They are all mature, confident, and changed. It is a drastic difference and I am glad I get to see it. It
Little turtle caught while fishing
helps me to see what I want to become. A mission is all about changing and becoming more Christ-like. I have seen a lot of those changes in myself, and I'm thankful that I still have a lot of time to change!

Elder Braden Miles

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