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Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 - Transfer week is here...

The day of Rachael's baptism
Let the craziness begin! We have a jam packed schedule this week which includes picking up all the new missionaries, transfers, and sending the departing missionaries home. Plus many other meetings. I like having a full schedule because it's fun and we get to do a lot, but that just means less sleep than usual for us. I have adjusted pretty well to getting less sleep.

On Saturday we got to sit down with President Riggs for a couple of hours and go through the transfer board for next transfer. It is fun to be involved in all of that and to be able to give suggestions and input. So I already know where everyone is getting transferred to :). People try to pry information out of us all the time. Last night we made calls to missionaries who are going to be training. Both Elder Seely and Elder Oyler (the missionaries that I trained) are going to be training and I got to call and tell them.

We had a new and returning member fireside last night. It happens the Sunday before transfers. There were 7 converts/returning members that spoke, President Riggs, and the Stake President. The whole chapel was full of missionaries, members, and investigators. It was my first time attending this meeting and I was the one who conducted it (haha). I had a good time and the spirit was strong!

Today is our first real preparation day for 3 weeks so I am pretty excited! We are going fishing! I haven't been fishing for over a year and I miss it really bad. There are a ton of good places to fish around here.

Other than that I can't think of a much else to say... We did a lot of office work like organizing meetings and rides. We taught one lesson to a former investigator who is going through a hard time. We have a return appointment this week. It's been hard to find new investigators with so much work to do and because school was out. Now school is back in session and we will have more time next transfer to find people to teach.

<3 Elder Miles

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