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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014 - I don't know what to title this

It was a pretty good week. We found some new investigators and had an awesome leadership meeting with President Riggs. I told President that the Larson's are my next door neighbors and showed him the picture you sent from his mission. He loved that and said they are great people. The best part was when I found a five dollar bill on the ground! (haha) The weather was nice, so even though we STILL don't have an air conditioner it wasn't bad. I went on an exchange with the office elders (they are in my district) and we helped a senior couple move in. Hard to believe it’s already June. March, April, and May were definitely the fastest months so far on my mission. It has been awesome serving with Elder Mathews and Elder Smith.

We taught Canon this week (the member family's son that I mentioned in another email). We have had fun trying to think of interesting ways to teach him the lessons. This week we are going to teach him the plan of salvation by drawing it really big on their driveway with chalk. It has been good for me to teach simply. Sometimes we over complicate the gospel when in reality, it is meant to be understood by children. A lot of our other investigators have been hard to contact, so we've been doing a lot of finding. We are trying to do more finding through the members. That has gone pretty well so far and hopefully we can get some referrals. I have made a bigger effort to get to know the members and that definitely helps the work.

We work out in the mornings at an apartment complex across the street from where we live. The other day when we jogged over there, we found a sign in the window that said the code for the gym had changed. Somehow we had the code before and I don't know where we got it. We were really disappointed and weren't sure what we were going to do to work out in the mornings. We have a few weights in our basement, but those just wouldn't do. That night we decided we would still get up at 6 (we don't have to get up until 6:30) and hopefully someone would be at the gym to let us in. As we were leaving our town home Elder Mathews found a dollar bill on the sidewalk, so I took that as a sign. To our dismay, there was nobody there and we had no way to get in. We started walking back pretty annoyed and disappointed. Then (at 6am on a Saturday) a member of our ward who lives in the apartments ran out of his house. We had just introduced ourselves to this member the Sunday before. Turns out he was helping the young men with a fundraiser that day. We told him that we use the gym and that the code had been changed. He whipped out his phone and said they sent him an email with the new code the night before. We got the code and had a great work out! I tell you this story to show that miracles do happen! (haha)

I wanted to relate this story to faith. In the book True to the Faith it says, "Faith is a principle of action and power." In James 2 we learn that "Faith without works is dead" and Ether tells us that "if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them." Faith is more than just believing. True faith leads us to act and that is when miracles happen. We had faith that somehow we could get into the gym even though we didn't have the code anymore. We showed our faith by acting and waking up early just like any other day. When we got there, nobody was there to open the door for us, but we still got in. We got in in a better way than we had even thought of. Even when we have faith, God doesn't always answer our prayers. At least not in the way that we want them answered. I know that as we have faith in Christ and act upon that faith, God will answer our prayers and guide our lives. I see that in missionary work all the time. I love this gospel and I know it is true.

Elder Miles

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