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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014 - Temple Trip

Elder Miles and Elder Mathews at the DC Temple
We got to take our semi-annual trip to the temple yesterday. There are only four Mondays in the year where the temple is open, so because of Memorial Day it was open until noon. It’s about a 45 minute drive from where we live. We did that in the morning and then the member family we were with took us to Texas Roadhouse! It had been a very long time since I had eaten ribs :). Last time I went to the temple was when I was in Sterling rooming with Elder Mathews. I love going to the temple because of the spirit that is there. I wish we could go more often, but I guess I’m lucky to be able to go at all.

We still don’t have a washing machine or an AC. It hasn’t been bad lately because it hasn’t been as hot outside, but it is starting to warm up again. Our upstairs feels like an oven. I can’t even brush my teeth without getting sweaty (haha). Elder Mathews washed our clothes at the Zone Leaders apartment when we were on exchange, so that should last me a little while... The guy who owns the place was supposed to get it fixed a couple weeks ago. We will see how long it takes. Your prayers would be appreciated.

This week we helped a lady who is moving. We helped her load stuff into a huge horse trailer that she is using for hauling instead of a moving truck. We started talking to this lady because a member family lives across the street and they told us she could use some help. She is known to take in crazy people who are on drugs and stuff and she is moving to get away from it all. I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable living there. One of the guys there was looking absolutely wasted and she said he is on all kinds of drugs. It was pretty funny though because he didn’t even know what was going on.

The same family that told us about her has a 10 year old son who isn’t baptized yet for certain reasons. We visited them and they asked if we would teach their son so he could get baptized. They had tried in the past, but the sisters that taught him were "doormats" and "too serious" and he didn’t like that (haha). We were having a good time and connecting pretty well, so they asked us to teach him. He wants to get baptized and they are trying to pick a date. We have a lesson with them later tonight. We are probably going to do some mountain biking or something with them on a preparation day. We have some other people we have been talking to, but nobody to solid yet. We have been working really hard, so that will be turning around anytime now!

This is the true church and I wish I could help everyone to feel the same way I do! Not everyone listens and not everyone likes us (we also had two guys this week try to bible bash with us), but when we find people who are prepared, it makes it all worth it.

Elder Miles
Elder Miles at the DC Temple

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