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Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

We just got an awesome text from one of our investigators! It was from our investigator from Afghanistan (Zohra). We had a great week with her and she has been progressing a lot!  It has been different with her because she doesn't have a Christian background. The second lesson we had with her we taught her about prayer. The next lesson after that she was so excited to say a prayer! She said she had been practicing a lot. It was an amazing prayer! I was blown away by how good it was. She is so smart and picks up on things so fast. She loves meeting with us and is always asking us when we are coming back over. She has been coming to church every week (except yesterday cause she wasn't feeling well). We invited her to watch a baptism and she was really excited to go. She also added that she would really like to be baptized as well! She texted us like 10 minutes ago and told us about a dream she had last night. She said she had several scary dreams and she woke up and said a prayer in the middle of the night. After she went back to sleep, she had a dream about her baptism! That is a great testimony builder for her on the power of prayer! One lesson we had with her, the member (a lady from Ethiopia) shared a very powerful testimony and I was feeling the spirit very strongly!

Another one of our investigators is a 47 year old man named Ian. We have been teaching him for awhile and he is moving slower because he has some mental issues, but he has been making progress and it is awesome. We’ve been teaching him a lot about prayer, reading scripture, and going to church (to keep it simple). He has come to church like 10 times now. He really loves drinking the "holy water" (the sacrament) (haha). He has said some pretty funny prayers. He said one of his prayers "in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy ghost, in the name of Jesus, amen" and he started one of his prayers by yelling "Almighty God!" (haha). He is doing great and we have lots of fun teaching him. He has a smoking problem right now but has accepted baptism.

We are teaching a lady from Ghana named Rose. She wants to get baptized! Yay! I've noticed that Ghanaians all have very unique laughs. They also tend to be a little flaky, but they accept the message very well. They love it when you speak some of their language and know how to say their last names. I know how to say hello and God bless you in Twi (the language they speak in Ghana). We ate some Ghanaian food that a recent convert made and it was interesting... They have a name for each day of the week and whatever day you are born on that is your name. Some don't go by that name, but she says all people are named that way. I guess they could only think of 7 names (haha).

A fox that has been living behind the apartment.
It was in the 60's yesterday which gave me some spring fever! It felt soooo good after having a couple weeks of snow and freezing cold. It is raining hard right now and is supposed to snow later on... The transfer is ending this Thursday. Nothing should be changing for us, but we will see. We went tracting last night during the super bowl and we heard updates here and there. Sounds like I didn't miss much.

Love you all!
Elder Miles

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