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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014

Funny sign
We weren't able to email on Monday because of the holiday and yesterday we had a Zone Conference pretty much all day! It has been a good week. It started off very cold and snowy. We got around 6 inches of snow and we spent the whole morning helping people shovel their driveways. Everyone was really appreciative and friendly. Some people offered money and others made us coffee... which we had to turn down. Why aren't people that nice when we go tracting!? Service really does soften people’s hearts! Several people were interested to hear about what we do which led into gospel discussion. Today it’s 60 and sunny! It feels great!

The other day after it snowed really bad it was pretty warm and the snow turned into tons of slush. We trudged around in it all day and my shoes were completely water logged by the end of the night. On our way home that night we passed a lady carrying tons of groceries in the slush and cold. We asked if we could help and she was so grateful. She knew God had sent us to help her! We helped her carry everything back to her place which was about a mile up the road. Turns out she doesn't live in our boundaries! Too bad cause she was really excited as we taught her about the Book of Mormon while we walked. We have to pass her to missionaries in another ward.

The work has been going great! Some of the things that we talked about after the Saratov approach were pretty good. We talked about how every person that we talk to has a story. Both the kidnappers had different stories and reasons for what they did. We need to get to know the people we talk to and look for ways to relate to them (they talked about bball cause he was wearing a bulls hat). Elder Tuttle also talked about how he felt the spiritual warning and he didn't follow it. We need to follow our spiritual promptings! You can learn from the faith they had, how they struggled in terrible situations, and still finished their missions, etc.

We have seen a couple of raccoons around here lately (picture I sent). One scared me pretty bad when it jumped out of a trash can. We have seen stray cats, fox, skunk, and squirrels. One guy that we talked to the other day said he eats squirrels!

Zohra is still doing awesome! We are still just waiting for her divorce to finish before she can get baptized, so we really have no idea how long that will be. We have been teaching her some of the commandments recently. Tonight we are teaching her about modern day prophets and we are going to watch the October 2013 talk by President Monson.

There is a missionary in my zone from Heber. His name is Elder Wagner. He mentioned he was from Heber and I told him I have family there with the last name Sparks. Turns out Hal was his Young Men’s leader! Small world in the mission field.

Sorry for the short email this week! Love you!

-Elder Miles

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