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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014 - Delayed

Snow in Alexandria
Sorry - it has taken a couple extra days to email this week! It was a holiday on Monday, so the library was closed. Then yesterday there was a snow storm, so it was closed again! We got about 4 inches of snow yesterday and we trudged around in it all night! We had a baptismal interview I had to get to and nobody was allowed to drive in the snow, so we walked 4 miles to get there (8 round trip) in the snow! It was a long cold walk (haha).

Elder Miles' Birthday Socks
We got word on Saturday that we will be having a full mission conference this Saturday and we will be having a guest appearance by Elder S. Gifford Nielson! That will be really awesome to meet him. I don't know this for sure, but it could be for our new ipads and iphones we still haven't gotten yet. He gave a really good talk in conference about missionary work that I will be rereading before he comes.

We have been having a great week! We found a new investigator while tracting the other day and she is great! She has been going through a really hard time with a divorce and we had a really spiritual talk with her at her door. She started crying and we came back to teach her the next day. She doesn't have a Christian background, so it will be different teaching her. There have been lots of miracles go into her story that I will have to tell you about later! She came to church and wants to keep coming. She is golden!

View of Alexandria with DC in the background
This past week in District meetings I taught the District about worrying about the things that we can control. We can’t worry about the number of lessons we teach or if other people don't choose to listen. Those things will happen if we just do what we can control (attitude, faith, hard work, etc) Sometimes in life we worry about the things that we have no control over. If we worry too much about those kinds of things it will negatively affect other areas of our lives. On the flip side, if we worry about what we can do and work hard at it, then the things we can’t control are positively affected. If we have a great attitude, faith, and work hard through difficulties, then it will help us with the problems we have no control over.

Love you!

Elder Miles

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