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Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 - blah blah blah

It has been a very cold and wet week! It rained and snowed for a good part of the week. To make it even better it was windy and in the single digits for a couple days. One of those days I was on an exchange with a missionary in my district and we walked around outside for the night on the coldest day. I had to wrap my scarf around my face cause the wind chill was brutal. We have been doing lots of walking because riding bikes would not be so smart in that weather. The other day we walked to a missionary correlation meeting in the rain and I assumed my coat was water proof. Turns out it was only water resistant because after walking for a little bit it started soaking through (haha). It was much warmer that day, so it wasn't bad. Today it is supposed to be in the 50's which will feel really nice.

TC Williams High School
In the area I went on exchanges are some pretty cool sites. One of them being TC Williams High School (from the movie Remember the Titans). There is also a Free Mason’s Temple that I want to get a picture of at some point! Joseph Smith was a Free Mason, but that probably won’t get us in. There are tons of historic sites around here that I want to visit, like Mount Vernon, but the other missionaries don't want to pay to get in. It’s like $17 to get into Mount Vernon for one day.

The Zone Leaders have moved in with us temporarily because one of their neighbors is leaving creepy notes on their door. They told President Riggs and he told them to stay with us until it gets sorted out. So for now, there are four of us in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. The couch has a fold out bed that one of them will sleep on, but the other one has to sleep on the floor (haha) (the white handbook specifically states not to sleep in the same bed as your companion...).

Today will be the first day that we don't play basketball for preparation day since I got to this area. The Zone Leaders have to be somewhere at 2, so we are just going to walk around and check out the stores. I’ll probably spend a little of my Christmas/birthday money :). All four of us are pretty good at basketball, so we have some pretty good games every week and it has been really fun. President Riggs and his son came and played with us last week and they were both pretty good.

We had interviews with President Riggs this week. I love anytime I have to listen to him, especially one on one. One thing that he mentioned to everyone that I really loved was to never settle for mediocrity. That is something that I have always tried to live by. It is too easy in life to get stuck going through the motions. Way too often there are missionaries that do the same thing. They just settle for being good, but being good is the enemy to being great! It is much easier and less tiring to just "go with the flow". We have been told repeatedly that we have been saved for these last days. I know that Heavenly Father didn't reserve each of us so that we could just float through life and take the easy road. We were sent here at this time because we were choice spirits who were valiant in the pre-earth life. He needs us more than ever to prepare the earth for the second coming! The road to greatness is always going to be uphill!

The improvements and experiences I've had in the last six months alone have been incredible.

Love you!
-Elder Miles

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