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Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 - Last email

We just got back from DC. It was fun to tour the city for the last time. It could be awhile until I get to come back. It takes a lot of walking and it really takes it out of you. 
Elders Johnson Miles on one final visit to DC

This last week wasn't too eventful. We went on several more exchanges with Elders around the mission. We also had our departing temple trip on Wednesday. We went up in the morning and went to a session. Before the session started President Riggs, the temple President, and his wife all spoke to us. Afterwards, we took pictures outside and went to Café Rio. I look forward to attending the temple more frequently. The spirit is always very refreshing.

I believe I said this last week, but it honestly doesn't feel like my mission is ending this week. I have loved being a missionary. It was pretty difficult and tiring at times, but it was so worth it. I think as this week progresses the nervous feeling in my stomach will keep getting worse. It is a sad thought to think that I will be leaving, but I am also very excited. 

President Riggs and Elder Miles at the DC Temple
I'm sure I will feel a mix of emotions at transfer meeting. 
After the departing missionaries bear their testimonies the whole mission sings "Onward Christian Soldiers" as we walk down off the stage. That will be a very special experience.

4 days until Elder Miles' return to Utah
After the meeting, we will all stay at a hotel because the mission home is being cleaned out for the new mission president. We will all have a life talk with President and Sister Riggs then go to bed. In the morning we will all wake up really early and head to the airport!

I'm excited to see you on Friday!

Elder Braden Miles

Washington DC South Mission

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