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Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 - Transfer week/cherry blossoms

It was transfers on Thursday and Elder McInerny got moved
Elders Miles and Wagner (from Heber City)
to a new
area. We were together for a long time. We did work and had fun. My new companion is Elder Wagner. He grew up in South Carolina and then moved to Heber City when he was 10. Turns out uncle Hal was his Young Men's President while he was a Priest. He has been out for 18 months and is in his first Zone Leader area, so I am "training" him on how to be a Zone Leader. He graduated in 2013 from Wasatch High School. He is a pretty funny kid and I think we will have a good time together. It will probably only be for five weeks because this is a short transfer and President Riggs told me I will likely train for my last transfer.

I am currently writing this email on my iPad while we are riding the metro into DC. We are going to see the Cherry Blossom Festival... And basically the whole mission is going today from what I've heard. I
went last year and it was pretty cool. Hard to believe that was a year ago. It is a perfect day to be in
Cherry blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial
DC. It’s 75 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze.

We are trying to build our teaching pool again now that we had to pass off several investigators to other wards. We met a girl and her fiancé the other night while we were tracting and they were pretty cool. They were outside grilling, so we sat down and started talking. She asked us several questions about Adam and Eve as well as what happens when we die. We used the Book of Mormon to answer her questions and she loved it! She was really excited to read it. She was even telling her fiancé all about how we answered her questions using the scriptures. They didn't come to church yesterday, but we are going to stop by this
week and hopefully we can start teaching them.

Our investigator, Brittany, got into some anti-Mormon materials this week and had several questions for us. She said she needs to keep reading and praying before she lets us know if she wants to continue learning. I feel like we did a really good job answering her concerns and testifying to her, so I am hopeful that things will turn out. She is gone right now because of a family members health concerns, so I will update you on her in the future.

The guy we helped dig a hole a few weeks ago made us ribs this week. We helped him sort some stuff in his garage and he grilled some ribs :). Last time he made us some really good burgers, but because we wouldn't accept payment he wanted to make us ribs.
Elder Miles at the Cherry Blossom Festival

We are teaching another part-member family right now. It is a huge Cambodian family and several of them are inactive members. Right now we are teaching a less active guy in his 20's and his two non-member sisters that are 14 and 15. They have been reading and praying every day. They have a Buddhist background so it is going slower, but they are really interested. We are having a lesson with them tonight in a member’s home, so they can meet some young women their age.

(Stopped typing to walk around DC)

The cherry blossoms were not as good this year, so we only stayed
Elder Miles on the Metro
in DC for a couple hours. There were tons of people there and lots of
missionaries. We are just going to head back and relax for a little

Love you!

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