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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015 - Another transfer has come and gone....

Lone Peak Crew - Elder Van Dyke, Elder Miles, Elder Smith, Elder Raban
It was transfer week again this week. Elder McInerny and I are still serving together. There were several of my really good friends that went home this transfer, so that was sad. 

We have zone interviews next week with President Riggs. Afterwards he is going to take us to dinner and come to some teaching appointments.

The weather here his week was insane. We got tons of snow and it was in the teens from Monday through Saturday. On Monday and Saturday we weren't allowed to drive our cars because of all the snow. Saturday we got almost a foot of snow then Sunday it rained and was 45 degrees, so it all melted off the roads.

Things are still pretty slow for us here right now. We have been doing a lot of finding and talking to people. We have been asking members to tell us which houses in their neighborhoods to knock on. This week we visited the Elders Quorum President and his family. His wife ended up emailing their whole street telling them the missionaries from their church would be knocking doors in the snow and told them they should let us in. Four people responded saying they would let us in! It went really well and we have several people who want us to come back!

I wanted to give an update on a couple of my recent converts. Rachael is doing very good. She is still living in Massachusetts and working as a teacher. Recently she helped the sister missionaries in her ward teach someone. She had a great experience and this was the message she sent out on Facebook:

Dear Missionaries and friends,

I wanted to share a story with you all. Today the Sisters invited me to meet an investigator and have a lesson with him. It was a weird and interesting encounter. Not too long ago I was in his seat and all of you
sat with me. He said everything I said to you...EVERYTHING! He was worried about his family, he needed proof, he needed to pray about it. He was me. I do not share my testimony often (as Elder Miles knows) but today I was able to give him answers (well sort of) like you gave me and I felt the way I am sure you all felt at one point (or several times) with me. I couldn’t explain to him why he should do it... He has to figure that out but I was able to explain my journey and why it worked out for me despite all of the road blocks (that I often put up). Anyway I want to thank you all for dealing with me and waiting for me to figure it out. You all mean so much to me and I am so grateful to be able to tell investigators about you. I literally told him about each of you and why I love you all so much!  I hope you all see this and you have a good laugh at all of the trouble I put you through.
(From Rachael)

Robert just got engaged to his girlfriend that is a member of the church. They are getting married on June 20th in California. He has received the priesthood and been to the temple multiple times. 

Zohra is going to school right now and working on some paper work relating to her visa. 

Alejandra has been in town from Guatemala and spoke at a New Member Fireside! Sadly I was not able to attend because of some other things we had going on. I was told she did awesome! She is also engaged to a member of the Braddock Ward and is trying to get a visa to stay here. It makes me feel so good to see them all succeeding and growing in the gospel!

I love you all!
Elder Miles

Guess who stopped by our house Monday night?  
(Former) Elder Raban
Elder Raban!  He said he just wanted to stop by and tell us what an awesome person and missionary Braden is and that he wanted to tell us thanks for raising such a young man. Elder Raban said that Braden was by far the best missionary he knew in the mission, one of his best friends, and the missionary that taught him the most. I asked him how he felt to be home and he said it was strange (he returned home on Friday).

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