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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 14, 2014

Good afternoon!
Elder Miles and a turtle they found

We had a good week, but not quite as awesome as I had hoped. We found a couple new investigators. Joel is no longer meeting with us due to the fact that he now believes we are a cult.... He got really deep into anti Mormon stuff. That was disappointing.

My allergies are doing good and I haven't taken any meds for a long time. He heat is uncomfortable to bike in to say the least (haha). Everything is good in the apartment except for the leak in the shower.

We are at the Air and Space Museum right now and they have wifi! It's my third time being here.

Happy Birthday daddy! I hope you have a great day! It's also my companions birthday. He turned 20. I made him eggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast.

Love you

-Elder Miles

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