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Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014 - McDonald's

Hello! You probably weren’t expecting to hear from me today! The library is closed today, but thanks to McDonald’s free wifi, we are emailing on our iPads! 

Elder Miles and Elder Oyler at McDonald's
We were only supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow, but we got more than that. The weather has been so mean to us! It was in the 70`s several days ago and we were wearing short sleeves. The next day was in the 30s and we were in full cold weather gear! It has been a crazy last couple of weeks, but I think it should be settling down soon.

We had stake conference this weekend. We had an adult session on Saturday night and a meeting Sunday morning. Saturday night was not to exciting but Sunday morning was really good. We watched a live broadcast from SLC. The whole North East was part of this broadcast. We listened to the Stake president speak and then we watched several talks by members of the 70 and Elder Perry. That was awesome, but my favorite meeting was last night. There was a stake fireside that we went to last night with Zohra. Some Mormon choir from DC did a performance and a couple recent converts spoke as well. It was really good and it was a really powerful meeting. I loved the spirit I felt as we listened to the music about Christ and then heard the testimonies and conversion stories of newly baptized members. The spirit was strong! I wish we would have had more investigators with us because they would have felt the spirit for sure. I came away feeling really good. You can’t help but be happy after a spiritually uplifting meeting like that. Zohra texted us later that night thanking us again for taking her because it was such a great experience.

Obviously not everything works out with investigators, so there are disappointments. Naturally being with someone all the time for long periods you are going to disagree at times. The wards are not perfect and have a lot they could improve, but none of these things have bothered me to the point where it restricted the work. Some days are hard, but I am having lots of fun. I am doing great and there isn’t anything that you need to be worried about (haha). All is well!

I see people from Lone Peak all the time! Mostly in the form of Elder van Dyke. He goes home next February. Next transfer I will still be here as district leader and I will get a new companion of some sort. My district is doing well. We had two baptisms and several more upcoming. Not everyone is as hard working and obedient as they should be, but I am doing what I can to help them. I am loving my mission! It is awesome! We should be having several baptisms in April so that will be fun! 

Sorry for the short email, but these are hard conditions to email in!

Love you all!
Elder Miles

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