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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aug 12, 2013

Sorry I don’t have much time to write today either! We spent time at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum today. The space shuttle Discovery is the main thing there, but there was also tons of other smaller ships, missiles, planes, gliders, and satellites. We also got to go up on the observation deck and got my first good view of Virginia (besides the plane flight here). We also paid 8 bucks to go on a plane simulator thing that spun us upside down and we shot at other planes. Not sure if that was allowed, but lots of people did it and I didn't think about it until after (haha) whoops.

Elder Miles and Elder Johnson

Birds eye view of Virginia

So the talk about the 40 day fast is titled "Thy confidence shall wax strong in the presence of God" by Robert E. Quinn in 2011 at a BYU Hawaii devotional. You should check it out because it is really good. One other thing that we talked about is that our prayers should be led by the spirit, which was a new thought to me. I always thought of it as us just saying whatever we wanted. We should follow the promptings of the spirit as we pray and if we believe, they will be answered. In the bible dictionary it says under prayer that many prayers aren’t answered because they don’t align with God’s will. Also I totally forgot to say that after this 40 day fast is over all the missionaries are going to the Nationals game on September 13 or 14th! It is the kickoff for the National Day of Service and in the past some of the general authorities have thrown the first pitch.

Speaking of sports - Brian Kehl (former BYU player, now on the Redskins) lives in our zone and the zone leaders get to go on exchanges with him in September. Also RG3 (Robert Griffin III, starting QB for the Washington Redskins) lives in that same area. The other day we started talking to some guy who was on his way to play some basketball and I jokingly asked if we could play and he said no way. He saw a video on YouTube of some missionaries dunking on some guys in a street ball game (haha) . The next day a member showed it to us and it wasn't that great. I still haven’t had a chance to ball it up with any homies yet, but I’m looking for an opportunity.

We did some service for a lady the other day and we trimmed her hedges that were very over due for a trim. All the practice at Grandpa's house paid off and I think it looked pretty good. She said we were an answer to her prayer. She had just gotten divorced and needed some help. I felt pretty bad for her and we plan on trying to teach her some more in the future. Also she said she posted on her Facebook page that the Mormon missionaries are awesome and helped her out.

I've been on two companion exchanges this week - one with Elder Gorton (roomie/elder Johnson’s comp) and one with Elder George (a Zone Leader). That was a pretty good experience to see how other missionaries do stuff and to get a different perspective on how to do things. Elder George said that I’m doing great and that I will see tons of success if I keep it up. Elder George is the one in RG3 and Brain Kehl's ward.

I got the middle finger salute/ the bird for the first time so far. Some college age kid honked and I look up to see him waving at me! (haha)  I laughed pretty hard. The water here is really gross, so anytime people offer me bottled water I take it. I bought a huge thing of Gatorade powder to help cover the flavor too. Donald Trump has a really nice golf course in our area that you have to be a millionaire just to get into the club.

We gave a church tour the other day to an investigator and it went really well. He said the chapel felt "quieter" then the rest of the building. Then we talked about the Christ and the Book of Mormon. He is one of several investigators that are the farthest along. We are getting better each week and I feel like there are some big things ahead of us if we can keep it up. I’m feeling way more comfortable with teaching and talking with random people. Some guys that are a year in are still super awkward about it, but I am doing great. I can’t believe I’ve been gone for almost two months already and it’s flown by. I’m having a blast and things can only get better! Love you all!

-Elder Miles

Elder Miles and the space shuttle Discovery

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