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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

Hey everyone! 

This is my first P-day and my first chance to send an email. The MTC has been really awesome! As most of you know I was sooo nervous to leave, but right when I arrived I already felt comfortable and ready to go. When I got here they ran me through check ins to get my name tags and keys and stuff, dropped my stuff off at my room, and went to class. I met my companion and the other elders and sisters in my district when I got to class. My whole district (11 people) is going to my same mission so that’s pretty cool.

My companion is Elder Hansen and he is from Ephraim. He is 18 and played soccer in high school. He is really enthusiastic about being here and got called as the district leader. My other room mates are Elder Timmons and Clarke. Elder Timmons is from St. George, 20 years old, and went to SUU. He is really funny and fun to talk to. Elder Clarke is from Cedar city, 18, and is pretty smart. He is the super analytical type. Some of the things he says and thinks about makes me wonder what’s going on in his head haha, but he’s really spiritual and works hard. Then there is a trio of missionaries next door who are in my district: Elder Farnes, Gemar, and Johnson. Johnson is 18 and from Wyoming and played sports till he broke his leg a few years ago. He is really fun to talk to and we laugh a lot. Elder Farnes is 19, from Davis, plays college soccer, and loves to laugh. Elder Gemar is 18 and from Saratoga Springs. He wrestled in high school and is a pretty big guy. He is kind of quiet, but we get along. Then there are four sisters in my district. Sister Call is from Bountiful and goes to Utah State. Sister Jorgensen went to Riverton and now goes to SUU. Sister Adair is from Utah, but I’m not sure where. Sister Vaitulala is from Orlando and Poly, she is happy and laughs all time. I’ve also seen tons of kids from Lone Peak and others I know. Most surprising one was Alex Baggely (friend from elementary school in West Jordan).

Elder Miles' MTC district

Our whole district gets along really good and we all sit with each other at meals. We get distracted sometimes during study and we all laugh a lot and have tons of fun. There are 7 Elders in our district, so the sisters named us all one of the seven dwarves. I got named Happy, so I guess you could say I’m having a pretty good time.

We have two 3 hour classes each day, lots of study time, gym, and some other meetings or devotionals. Our gym times are either first thing in the morning or last thing before bed. Yesterday our gym time was at 6:05 am as if I wasn’t tired enough, but it’s usually been at 6:25. We've switched up what we are doing a lot during gym time. We play soccer, volleyball, basketball, or some other random games.

For class we have different teachers in the morning then we do at night. My favorite has been brother Makahilahila. He went to Fresno on his mission and got off a couple years ago. He is really spiritual and a great teacher. He really cares how each of us are doing and makes sure we are doing alright instead of just teaching. We do tons of role playing with other people in our district during class after we learn something. Then at the end of class each companionship teaches the teacher and they pretend to be an investigator.

During study time I’ve been trying to finish the Book of Mormon and I’m in Ether right now. 3rd Nephi is an awesome book and I love reading about Christ’s visit. It’s so awesome to feel the spirit at all times. I pray way more than I ever did before and I can say that prayers really do get answered if we have faith. My faith has increased in myself and what I know so much in just a week. I also have gotten better at teaching by the spirit instead of just checking off stuff to say during lessons. We taught our first "real" investigator yesterday. They are members who come and pretend to be investigators, but they are actors so it seems real. We taught a man named George and it was pretty rough cause he wouldn't really open up to us at all, but we have another meeting with him tomorrow and we have a good idea of how we can help him out.

We've had two devotionals so far - one yesterday and one Sunday - Brother Swenson on Sunday and Brother Matthew O Richardson (Sunday school presidency) yesterday. They were pretty good, but those are the meetings where my lack of sleep catches up to me.

 I’ve heard we have the nicest classrooms and the other buildings have crappy school desks, but we have nice rolling chairs that recline (probably doesn’t help my drowsiness haha). I haven’t actually fallen asleep during anything yet, but I get really drowsy and it’s hard to pay attention. Its lights out at 10:30 but it’s usually more like 11 when I fall asleep and then we get up before 6:30 every day, so that’s been pretty rough, but I’ve been getting used to it. The food is getting old already. It’s okay food, but after a week of cafeteria food I want some real food. Also there’s no way to get food outside of your scheduled time besides vending machines or bookstore snack, so I’m hungry a lot and a little something in the mail would be appreciated. Today is my only P day while here cause we leave next Wednesday in the morning for DC.

Love you all, thanks for support. The church is true! I’m doing great and loving it!

The Roommates

The Men of the Washington DC South MTC District


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